Newcastle United Foundation. Emil Krafth: This team spirit is helping me with my recovery

15 Nov 22

Emil Krafth is continuing his road to recovery after suffering a knee injury in United's Carabao Cup win Tranmere Rovers, with the Swede praising the support of his team-mates and medical staff as he steps up his rehab

The defender has been on the sidelines for two months as he continues his recovery - but says that the support and atmosphere at the training ground is keeping him positive.

“Everybody has been very supportive and some of the lads know what I'm going through with tough injuries," said the 28-year-old.

"Callum Wilson has been very supportive and we have spoken a lot. He told me about his rehab and how he recovered and kept positive and this really helps.

"I still have a long way to go because my injury was tough and the first few weeks were hard when you can't do much after surgery. Now I can do more and more and each day is a step closer to playing, and it helps me to focus and stay positive when I'm watching the team and seeing how great they are doing."

Krafth is back on Tyneside, having spent some time in Sweden as part of his rehab, and last week he welcomed a number of children from his native country to Newcastle, as they took part in a visit to Newcastle United Foundation's NUCASTLE.

Youngsters from Sävsjö in the south of Sweden were visiting as part of the Premier League's Partner Schools programme, where they undertook a number of football and classroom sessions, along with a surprise visit from Krafth who lived nearby in the same region of Sweden as he grew up.

"It was great to meet the children and spend time chatting as they were asking me about my life at a young age, what it took to become a footballer and life back in Sweden and school," he said. "I told them that it is all about hard work and not just talent, and hard work is what makes the difference to achieve your goals.

"I never had this opportunity when I was young so it's something new to me and really good to see the Foundation inviting teams and schools from different countries to learn. I had never experienced anything like this when I was young. A lot of these children will know about English football and the big clubs and it's good that they are getting to experience Newcastle."

Krafth is now doing some light cardio on the bike in the next stage of his recovery and he has praised the club's medical team for their approach to helping him keep positive.

"The medical team have been so good and supportive," he said. "They've seen injuries like this before so they know what players are going through and how they can help in all aspects and how to make me keep feeling good. When it's a long injury it can be hard to keep going but the schedule they give me is really good and mixes things up a bit.

"I've done some rehab in Sweden for a few weeks so I can be with family and friends and help switch my focus into other areas and not just think about my injury all the time. Now I'm in Newcastle recovering and it's been good. The doctor said it's good for me to mix up the environment I'm in to keep feeling good and help with the whole process.

"There is still a long way to go but I have to keep myself motivated everyday and know it's a step closer."

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