Premier League. Members' ballot for Bournemouth tickets opens on Tuesday

15 Jan 24

The latest from the Box Office ahead of Cherries visit

The Cherries come to Tyneside for a 15:00 GMT kick-off on Saturday, 17th February and ballot applications are strictly one ticket per membership.

Members can select a specific ticket price category that best suits their needs, and payment will only be taken automatically if they are successful in the ballot for their chosen category.

This functionality will be operational when ballot registration opens from Tuesday, 16th January at 10am. Please note that supporters are unable to select multiple price categories at this time.

Successful applicants will be notified via email by 5pm on Friday, 19th January.

Ticket forwarding and ticket resale functionality will then open to season ticket holders on Monday, 22nd January at 10am.

The selling of any tickets listed through resale will follow exclusively to members on Tuesday, 23rd January at 10am.

The sale of these tickets is strictly for the use of home supporters only as per the club's terms and conditions and ground regulations. Any such breach may result in the cancellation of your season ticket and/or membership without refund.


Each member has a unique supporter ID and can therefore only register once for the ballot (so if you are included in a group application, you cannot also make an individual application at the same time). The maximum number of supporters who may be included within a ballot application is six.

If you wish to be included in the ballot so that, if successful, you would be seated together in a group with friends and/or family members, then you must register all of the proposed members of that group in one application only.

To apply for friends and family members, they must be members and be strongly linked to your account via the 'My Friends & Family' option within your online ticketing account. Please ensure that, before submitting a group application as lead applicant, you have (i) completed and checked this in your account settings and (ii) obtained the prior consent of those friends and/or family members on whose behalf you are applying.

It is imperative that you check and select the correct age band for each ballot applicant, since failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful application.

Each applicant (and, in the case of a group application, the lead applicant submitting on behalf of the group) will need to enter credit/debit card details when submitting a ballot application. No payment will be processed at the point of registering in the ballot.

Once the deadline date has passed for ballot registrations, the ballot will be drawn randomly.


If you are successful, the automated balloting system will automatically allocate you (and in the case of a group application, each of the members of that group) a seat from your selected category.

The member applicants who are successful in the ballot will automatically have their credit/debit card payment charged for the total cost of ticket(s) allotted. Each successful applicant (and, in the case of a successful group application, the lead applicant submitting on behalf of the group) will receive a confirmation email.

Digital tickets will be emailed to the applicant, or in case of a group, the lead applicant. Digital ticketing FAQs can be found here.

If your payment is not successful the Box Office will contact you. You will then have 24 hours to complete payment following initial contact. If payment is not received by this time, the tickets will be re-balloted and allocated to another eligible supporter.

If you do not receive an email then, unfortunately the number of ballot applications received has exceeded available ticket capacity and you have not been successful.

Supporters can check whether or not they are successful in the ballot via the 'My Account' option within their online ticketing account.


Should supporters be unsuccessful in their selected price category, they will be able to re-enter a ballot should any unallocated tickets remain available.

They will also be eligible to purchase any seats put up for re-sale by season ticket holders.  Any seats that are put up for re-sale can be viewed and purchased online. They cannot be purchased over the phone or in person.


* Membership is not transferable and only allows you to apply for your age band * Seats will be allocated randomly across the stadium (if you apply as a group in one application you will be sat together) * All tickets are digital and should be downloaded to your smart phone immediately upon receipt

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