Official Membership. Frequently Asked Questions.

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Membership Options

What is The Mags membership?

We offer 3 products as part of our official membership; The Mags+, The Mags and Junior Mags.

What is the difference between The Mags+ and The Mags memberships?

The Mags+ members have access to all of The Mags benefits, plus additional access to exclusive retail launches, selected pre-season streaming, money can’t buy experiences and competitions and priority ticket access for St. James’ Park events.

How long does The Mags membership last?

The Mags official membership lasts from point of purchase until 31 May 2025.

Do The Mags+ members have a better chance at getting tickets than The Mags members?

No, the access to tickets remains the same across both membership tiers.

What benefits do Season Ticket Holders get?

Season Ticket Holders have access to all of The Mags benefits, excluding ticket access. This includes selected retail discounts, 25% Stadium Tour discount, access to member-only content, digital events and exclusive competitions.

How does a Season Ticket Holder upgrade to The Mags+?

Season Ticket Holders can upgrade their membership by visiting, and adding The Mags+ to their basket. This will cost £10, and a discount will automatically be applied.

Can I upgrade my membership from The Mags to The Mags+?

Currently only Season Ticket Holders are able to upgrade their membership to The Mags+. We will be providing this ability for The Mags members in due course.

Why can I not upgrade my Junior Mags membership to The Mags+?

Junior Mags qualify for separate membership benefits to The Mags and The Mags+, we currently only offer one tier of junior membership.

What age do I qualify for a Junior Mags membership?

Junior Mags members are for fans aged 0-17 years old.

What membership should overseas fans purchase?

We are no longer offering international memberships, so all fans who want to be a member should select one of The Mags options.

When will I receive retail discounts?

We will be communicating benefits with members throughout the season. The Mags+ members will receive a minimum of 5 discounts, while The Mags and Junior Mags will receive a minimum of 3 discounts.


How does the ballot work?

Each member has a unique supporter ID and can therefore only register once for the ballot (so if you are included in a group application, you are unable to also make an individual application at the same time). The maximum number of supporters who may be included within a ballot application is six.

If you wish to be included in the ballot so that, if successful, you would be seated together in a group with friends and/or family members, then you must register all the proposed members of that group in one application only.

To apply for friends and family members, they must be members and be strongly linked to your account via the 'My Friends & Family' option within your online ticketing account. Please ensure that, before submitting a group application as lead applicant, you have (i) completed and checked this in your account settings and (ii) obtained the prior consent of those friends and/or family members on whose behalf you are applying.

It is imperative that you check and select the correct age band for each ballot applicant, since failure to do so may result in an unsuccessful application.

Each applicant (and, in the case of a group application, the lead applicant submitting on behalf of the group) will need to enter credit/debit card details when submitting a ballot application. No payment will be processed at the point of registering in the ballot.

Once the deadline date has passed for ballot registrations, the ballot will be drawn randomly.

I require an accessible seat, how do I apply for this in the ballot?

If you would like to apply for the accessible ballot, and you have a preference of where you would like to be situated, please email into [email protected]. This will assist us when it comes to running the ballot. You will still then enter the ballot in the standard process like below:

Step one:

Go to the or click the link via the email you receive then login.

Step two:

Go to the ballot tab and click add.

Step three:

You will see one of the categories says accessible seating. Double click on the accessible category.

What you will notice is the only options available are ambulant and personal assistant. If you are not registered as disabled, please select adult ambulant. When we run the ballot, you will be charged the correct rate.

Make sure you enter the correct supporter number into the ballot as we are unable to change this once the ballot has been drawn.

If you have any issues, please contact disability support on 0191 201 8457 or the box office on 0344 372 1892.

How will I be notified when the ballot opens?

On the morning of the ballot each paid member receives an email notifying them that the ballot will soon be open. Supporters can also visit for updates.

If you do not receive the email notification, please contact [email protected]

If I enter the ballot, how can I make sure I am sat with friends and family?

To ensure you are sat with friends and family, you must all be strongly linked together, and you must enter the ballot in one application.

To add supporters to your friends and family please follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Get their Supporter ID Numbers

Firstly, you will need to gather your Friends or Family members Supporter numbers as well as their postcode and/or surname.

Step 2 – Visit

Log into your account and visit your personal details page.

Step 3 – Create a relationship

Under the ‘My Friends and Family’ section, click ‘Manage my Relationships’

Click ‘Create a relationship’. You will then need to input your Friends and Family members details. The detail you input must be exactly what is recorded on their ticketing account.

Any further issues contact us on 0344 372 1892 or at [email protected] where we will look to assist further.

If I am successful in the ballot, when will I make payment?

The funds are debited from your account as soon as you have been drawn successfully out of the ballot. Please make sure you have the funds in your account on the day of the draw to ensure your payment goes through.

What happens if I am successful in the ballot and my payment fails?

If your payment fails, you have 48 hours to pay. You can do this online, through your ticketing account or by calling the box office on 0344 372 1892.

Please note, we are unable to process payments provided via email.

How many tickets can I apply for in the ballot?

You can apply for up to 6 tickets in one ballot entry if everyone is a paid member and are strongly linked together.

Can I choose what area of the stadium I want to sit in and how much I want to pay?

Currently, you are unable to select a specific area. You can choose from 6 ballot categories to apply for tickets plus accessible & wheelchair.

The categories are:

  • Platinum Club

  • Bar 1892

  • Category one, which covers the Milburn Paddock & East Stand

  • Category two, which covers the Gallowgate & Leazes (excluding level 1 Leazes and Leazes West Corner level 4) & L7E in level 7

  • Category three, which covers Leazes level 1 and Leazes West Corner level 4.

  • Family Area, which runs until L7E Leazes West Corner level 7.

  • Accessible & Wheelchair, can cover Gallowgate, Leazes, Milburn, East Stand & Level 7

It will specify the pricing on the ballot page before you press add. Please note, it does not show the accessible or wheelchair pricing as you could be allocated in any area.